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The Criminal Defence Service which from 2nd April 2001 replaced the old system of criminal legal aid and provides criminal services to people accused of crimes.CLS

The Community Legal Service, bringing together networks of funders (eg Local Authorities) and suppliers into partnerships to provide the widest possible access to information and advice.

At The Court

Dobson Solicitors - Central Criminal Court

DOBSONS can represent you FREE at Court (if the Court grants you Legal Aid) and on FIXED FEES (if you agree to our terms and condtions)

We can represent you at every criminal court in England.

DOBSONS appear regularly at London Courts, and at Courts throughout Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, South East and South England.

As a firm specialising in Criminal Defence cases, our solicitors normally handle their cases from beginning to end and often handle their own trials.

Our solicitors can also carry out Crown Court advocacy where possible.

We can also instruct other specialist advocates to represent you if your case goes to trial.

We aim to give a 'seamless' service from the beginning of a case to the end. We achieve this by making sure that one senior solicitor is responsible for each client's case throughout.

In addition we can instruct experts such as forensic scientists, doctors and accident investigators to help prepare and present your case.

If you have been charged or summoned with an offence DOBSONS advise you to be represented - contact DOBSONS on 0208 315 4450 or Emergency no. 07831 524739 24/7, by email or by post - or call into our offices.