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The Criminal Defence Service which from 2nd April 2001 replaced the old system of criminal legal aid and provides criminal services to people accused of crimes.CLS

The Community Legal Service, bringing together networks of funders (eg Local Authorities) and suppliers into partnerships to provide the widest possible access to information and advice.

Ethical Policy

Dobsons Solicitors - part of the community

Dobsons have an ethical policy in place that ensures:

We do not discriminate on grounds of disability, sex, sexuality, marital status, race, colour, politics, national or ethnic origins. This applies in all areas of our business including staff and clients.

We adhere to The Law Society Client's Charter and are happy to ensure that clients are kept aware of the quality and standard of service they should expect in all of their dealings with Dobson.

In addition to our professional role, we also take our duties and responsibilities to the community very seriously and have been involved in a considerable number of local initiatives involving schools, clubs and local charities.

We have sponsored the Orpington Fun Run for a number of years and been actively involved in support of community initiatives by Millwall Football Club to address problems of racism, hooliganism and social-exclusion.

Graham Dobson is also a Governor of Cancer Research UK.

We meet periodically to discuss the various requests for support and have a track record of involvement. Although we favour small-scale local initiatives (which usually struggle for support) in preference to grander schemes, we will give serious consideration to all requests.

If you feel that Dobsons may be able to provide support or sponsorship to a local charity, community group, school project or similar initiatives that you are involved with, please
contact us.