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The Criminal Defence Service which from 2nd April 2001 replaced the old system of criminal legal aid and provides criminal services to people accused of crimes.CLS

The Community Legal Service, bringing together networks of funders (eg Local Authorities) and suppliers into partnerships to provide the widest possible access to information and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

DOBSONS Solicitors - providing reasoned answers to realistic expectations!!

DOBSONS are always approachable and will answer your questions in a straight forward and uncomplicated manner.

Many answers to FAQs - frequently asked questions - can be found on this website. DOBSONS are happy to deal with any other questions you may have - simply contact us by telephone or email.

Visit DOBSONS web page for information about being represented at court and at police station, or visit DOBSONS Legal Aid page for assistance with the following questions:

What is Legal Aid?

Is everyone prosecuted for a criminal offence entitled to Legal Aid?

How do I apply for Legal Aid?

What will Legal Aid pay for?

Will I have to pay anything?

What if I am being investigated, but not yet been prosecuted?

What about advice outside the Police Station?

What if I am not eligible for Legal Aid?