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The Criminal Defence Service which from 2nd April 2001 replaced the old system of criminal legal aid and provides criminal services to people accused of crimes.CLS

The Community Legal Service, bringing together networks of funders (eg Local Authorities) and suppliers into partnerships to provide the widest possible access to information and advice.

At The Police Station

Dobson Solicitors - FREE Police Station assistance

DOBSONS will give you FREE advice and representation if you are being seen by police in London Kent Essex Surrey Sussex South and South East England - whether under arrest or not, whether you are a suspect or a witness no matter where the police see you - even at home!

DOBSONS can give you FREE and independent legal advice when you are seen by police even if you see them on a voluntary basis. Our experienced solicitors and police station advisers are on call 24/7. We can attend any time of the day or night FREE at police stations throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, South and South East England.

If you or someone you know is under arrest call DOBSONS 24/7 hotline on 0208 315 4450 or Emergency no. 07831 524739 . We will give you FREE telephone advice usually within a matter of minutes. One of our experienced solicitors or police station advisers will usually attend the police station within an hour of the initial call to us.

If you see the police to help with their inquiries, ASK DOBSONS TO GO WITH YOU FREE - call us 24/7 on 0208 315 4450 (Emergency no. 07831 524739)