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The Criminal Defence Service which from 2nd April 2001 replaced the old system of criminal legal aid and provides criminal services to people accused of crimes.CLS

The Community Legal Service, bringing together networks of funders (eg Local Authorities) and suppliers into partnerships to provide the widest possible access to information and advice.

Team Members

Dobsons Solicitors - assault, robbery, arson

DOBSONS - 0208 315 4450 + emergency - 07831 524739 + kentmail@bnglaw.co.uk

These are some of the members of our team who you may speak to:-

Solicitors and Advocates

Dawn King, Sarah O'Leary, John Blandford, Jennifer Warburton, Christina Barath, Lorraine Ekwe


Graham Dobson

Dobsons Solicitors - fraud, mugging, sexual offences

Police Station Support Team

Magistrates and Crown Court Support Team

Dobson Solicitors - Corporate crime, murder

Receptionists and in house admin staff

Wendy Brown, Jenny Pilcher

Accounts and Billing

Matt Dobson, Jackie Smith, William Budd

Secretaries and Typists

Patsy Dobson, Mel Dobson, Joy Grohmann, Jan Fairman